Like to borrow a $23,000 Tiara?

Would your bride to be love to wear a $23,000 Tolkowsky diamond tiara on her wedding day? Don’t think too hard about it (the answer will be yes!)

Tolkowsky is the world’s leading diamond Jewellery brand, and we are delighted to offer a lucky bride the opportunity to borrow a $23,000 Tolkowsky Diamond Tiara free of charge to wear on her wedding day.

So what’s the catch? Simple, just buy her a Tolkowsky diamond engagement ring.

Customers buying a solitaire diamond ring with a diamond of 0.50 carats or larger from The Village Jewellers will be entitled to borrow this magnificent tiara, which is guaranteed to make any bride look and feel like a princess.

This dazzling tiara has 400 individually set diamonds totaling over 5 carats. Inspired by vintage Edwardian and Victorian styles, its classic design offers an unusual twist for brides looking for ‘something borrowed’ on their wedding day.

This heritage brand is nearly 200 years old, and has been at the forefront of the world diamond industry. In 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky invented the Ideal Cut Diamond, and in 1988, Gabi Tolkowsky, with his son Jean Paul cut the world’s largest D flawless diamond “The De Beers Centenary”, and the world’s largest faceted diamond “The Golden Jubilee”.

All Tolkowsky diamonds are Ideal Cut, following the exact specifications set out by Marcel Tolkowsky. Since 1919, no man or computer has found a better way to maximize the brilliance of a diamond.

You know what they say, ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’, so why not drop in and let us help you make your bride into a real princess.